2018 Ford GT Release Date and Price in Germany

Find out 2018 Ford GT release date Germany and 2018 Ford GT Price in Germany in this post.  2018 Ford GT is already coming as a big surprise as it was announced. People were already happy with the 2017 GT showcase. The latest Ford GT will be an ultra-high-performance supercar serving as a technology showcase for aerodynamics, top EcoBoost performance, and lightweight carbon fiber construction. The new Ford GT is not meant only for all comfort, it is practically also very supportive. The design has focused to a great degree on aerodynamics. Ford company has also announced 2018 Ford GT350, 2018 Ford GT500 and 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

2017 Ford GT Release Date and Price

Ford is using interesting tactics same as the Ferrari. The good part of Ford GT is that it offers high performance expected. 2018 Ford GT will have a new chassis made of carbon fiber that is wrapped in a body of carbon fiber. The 2018 Ford GT will have the standard 20-inch aluminum wheels and there will be two carbon fiber rim sets. This will be the first featuring this technology of active aerodynamics as standard. The GT will have at the back two flying buttresses that will act as reversed wings set, offering the car lots more than its rivals, besides achieving top speed faster. Thankfully, 2018 Ford GT keeps the original spirit unchanged, though the body is entirely new revealing 1960 models inspiration and is truly a nice touch offered to the overall design. The interior dashboard has minimal design and there are two large LCD high-resolution screens displaying all the information. The seats offer the much-expected support and are absolutely comfortable. The 2018 Ford GT powertrain is the next-generation 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 Engine. This should deliver over 600 horsepower. The engine will come mated to automatic transmission a 7-speed dual clutch. The maximum speed anticipated is 200 mph and from 0-60 mph should be covered in about 3.2 sec. The speed is possible owing to the low weight of the car, the automatic 7-speed dual-clutch and active aerodynamics that is developed specifically for this car.

2018 Ford GT release date and Price Germany

Let’s find the details of release date, how to pre-order (buy online), deals (offers), discount coupons (if any) and price of 2018 Ford GT in Germany in the below sections.

2018 Ford GT release date Germany

The official production numbers are unknown, but the 2018 Ford GT is expected to arrive faster than its competitors. Ford is pushing hard to make one car a day and that makes around 350 cars a year (approximately). The 2018 Ford GT release date in Germany is eagerly awaited by Ford fans, yet it is more likely the debut of this car will be in the later quarter of this year. The official sale may be soon after the debut, you can make reservations (bookings) in the last quarter of 2017 and the delivery process will start from January 2018.

2018 Ford GT price in Germany

The price of Ford GT 2018 model in Germany is not yet announced officially. However, the car looks stunning and the models of the earlier generation have cost approximately $100,000. Thus it is anticipated that this exclusive car is sure to cost more. The assessments are that the new 2018 Ford GT can reach $400,000. Stay tuned for more update.

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