LG OLED W7 TV Release Date and Price in Germany

Know the LG OLED W7 release date Germany and LG OLED W7 Price in Germany in this post.  Have you ever think to decorate your favorite wall with just a TV? Yes, you are thinking the right way. The brand of LG OLED W7 TV is giving you the opportunity to do so. It’s lighter and thinner looks make it an example in the TV industry. It’s the best picture quality, never ending contrast, best color features, advanced speaker, Dolby atmos decor will make you fall in love with it. And the best thing about, it’s clear view not by front side but it is available from every corner. Thre are really something awesome gadgets coming in 2017 you should experience like LG W7 TV, Oculus Touch, Polaroid Pop, Nintendo Switch, Motiv’s fitness tracking ring, Plume, etc.

LG OLED W7 TV Release Date and Price

The new LG OLED W7 is only made for your walls. It is said that the innovation of the LG OLED W7 was started during LG trip to Korea in 2015.The technology makes it different is its OLED (i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode) feature, which usually used in laptop and mobiles screen. So, there is no doubt about its outstanding picture quality. These will definitely through the technology of LCD behind. Along with the feature of OLED, it also combined with better brightness features (which is 1000 nits) and better color. Oher than DCI color space it will also support the others HDR formats. It is united with a separated speaker bar which is connected via 82 inches long proprietary cable. It doesn’t have legs to stand by and you will get surprised after stick it when you would notice that it is only 3.85mm (0.15 inch) from the side view. The top side of the model has screw feature and where at the bottom side is in builds magnets to stick to the wall. LG not only gift you the thinner but also a light weight one. They are almost half weighted in comparison to other LCD TV, weighted as 18 pounds and 27 pounds for LG OLED W7 TV model 65 inches and 77 inches respectively.

LG OLED W7 release date and Price Germany

Let’s talk about the release date and price of LG OLED W7 in Germany in the below sections, read carefully to find the information online.

LG OLED W7 TV release date Germany

LG’s latest innovation of OLED W7 TV is a combination of best admirable components inbuilt. You may take this lifetime experiences. Find nearby to get your one. You will find it as a satisfactory investment whenever you will watch it and make your guests jealous. LG W7 OLED TV has been showcased in CES 2017 event and the release date in Germany is not yet announced, but the rumors suggest that it will be released around March or April 2017 for sure.

LG OLED W7 TV price in Germany

You can bag these highly designed combinations against an ideal price. The range of LG OLED starts with appx. $8000 for 65 inches and $20000 for shipping of every 77inches LG OLED W7 TV. The price may differ in different countries and stores. Please check the price in Germany with your local Samsung dealers.

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