Oculus Touch Release Date and Price in Germany

Know the Oculus Touch release date Germany and Oculus Touch Price in Germany in this post. You can now pre-order or buy the Oculus Touch on your favorite online stores. Oculus Touch is an engineering marvel that has the potential to bring together VR hand interaction and a new level of immersion. The device is designed artfully that it is a joy to use, and it is incredibly intuitive to start playing. The ergonomics is given importance and the gesture controls establish hand presence making the controllers highly appealing. Oculus has not informed the details about their touch motion controllers, but it is anticipated that more than 30 virtual reality games may be supported at launch for Touch.

Oculus Touch Release Date and Price

Oculus Touch controllers are expected around the holidays in Germany. Oculus also assures that there will be 20 brand new games featuring the Touch. However, Oculus is also saying there are more than hundreds of Touch titles going on in the development, but some games will be exclusive to the Touch. Oculus earlier announced delaying of the Oculus Touch. The reason for this undesired delay is happening due to the team making changes to the controller ergonomics and it is said there will be significance advances.  These changes are being done to make the devices natural and more reliable. The team working on these devices is working to improve the hand-pose recognition as well.

Oculus Touch release date and Price Germany

Let’s talk about the release date and price of Oculus Touch in Germany in the below sections, read carefully to find the information online.

Oculus Touch release date Germany

As per hands-on impressions noted around the web, the devices are sure to be more intuitive than the original introduced. The devices will feature built-in infrared sensors to sync up within the Oculus Rift headset and the infrared readers. This will allow the Rift to read movements from the Touch and to relay the same into the software, creating a real life display within the virtual world. Oculus Touch will be released on December 6, 2016 in Germany and you can pre-order or buy online from your country’s favorite shopping sites.


Oculus Touch price in Germany

The touch controllers are wireless and so there is nothing such as physical connectivity. These controller devices have the same design. The controllers have an analog stick and two face buttons. Apart from these, there are two more buttons, one for the middle finger to trigger and the other is a button on the elliptical back core. The pre-orders details will be available prior to launch, so you can expect Touch to be shortly available in Germany if not so, once the pre-orders open up. Oculus Touch costs you around $199 (you can convert the price in your currency easily using Google). The price is too much for normal users in Germany considering the fact that the Rift headset alone costs you around $600. But if you want to enjoy the latest technology, then you have to shell out some money.

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